Gas ovens

Sub Zero refrigerators

Sub-zero refrigerators are extremely reliable but still there are some common problems. We will be happy to help with any of them, including high energy consumption, excessive ice build-up in the freezer compartment, water leaks, etc.

Viking refrigerators

The most frequent complaints from our customers who own Viking fridges are: a door not closing tightly, excess heating outside, thermostat fails of all kinds. The good news is that our technicians can readily fix any of them and even more!


Viking Cooktops

If you experience such issues as one or more burners not lighting, or they cannot beadjusted properly, or produce sparkles when you turn them on... There is no reason for panic. Just give us a call and make an appointment with one of our well-trained technicians.

Viking Ranges

Your baking oven cannot reach the required temperature? Maybe there is somethingwrong with its thermostat. Although Viking ranges are generally recognized as high-end kitchen appliances that work for years, they may still require some maintenance from time to time. Just let us do our job. And then get back to enjoyingyour favorite dishes.

Viking Wall Ovens

Service calls for Viking wall ovens may be caused by wrong indications on the control panel, blown bulbs of the inside lighting, etc. Sometimes these units just cannot be turned on. Rest assured that we have solutions for all possible problems.

Wolf Cooktops

Many customers are true fans of Wolf cooktops. We fully support that choice and always stand ready to eliminate any possible malfunctions, like clogged burners, gas odor, burner weak flame, electric ignition not working, etc.

Wolf Ranges

Cooking is a pleasure for those who choose premium-class ranges by Wolf. Don’t let technical issues get in the way of your creative process. Anytime you notice that something is wrong with the burners or the baking oven, contact us.

Wolf Wall Ovens

Wolf wall ovens are among the best kitchen appliances on the market. If you are lucky enough to have one of these perfect units, do not tolerate any kinds of improper operation. Anything can be fixed if you let the real professionals do their job.